Funds Raised

Our NGO DEESHA EDUCATION FOUNDATION to be very precise aims at grooming individuals. We entirely dress a man from head to toe, with the required etiquettes and know how’s of the outside world and end up giving a custom-made finishing touch of our’s; which adorns the beauty of every individual with our rich heritage and culture. We as a great team have made onerous efforts to keep the flame of humanity burning bright in all the social affairs.

Initially, DEESHA GROUP was launched by some handful of people on 5th December, 2005. The founder of DEESHA is Mr. Arun Gawande. He wishes to transform the lives of the youth in an extraordinary fashion. He has a strange belief that when the hidden potential of the youth is unleashed in an effective manner, their will to make a difference to the society can hardly be challenged. He has got a vision of harnessing the intellectual assets of the youth in an efficient way and the conviction to materialize this in reality. Mr. Arun wants to give birth to such a platform that would cater to all the necessities of the cultural, technical and social sectors. With such great ideals, he registered DEESHA as a trusted NGO.

Eventually, the DEESHA Group has grown into a massive one. It consists of all the enthusiastic youngsters carrying their fresh mind-sets who work towards the welfare and progress of their technical, cultural and social realms. With the ultimate goal of creating a society that would mark the footprints of the highly prestigious Indian culture on the world, we in our constant endeavors strive towards working for the world, our nation, our society, others, ourselves and humanity as a whole. 

Our ongoing activities:

Roshni Zindagi Mein – An Eye Donation Awareness Campaign

  1. Organ Donation Awareness Campaign
  2. Self Defense Workshop for Girls
  3. Deesha Consumer Forum
  4. Cultural Activities
  5. Deesha Eye Bank’s


To empower the YOUTH of nation in cultural & technical sector and extract the best social qualities from them to create developed & secured society.


To see India and our society leaded by socially cultured, civilized and technically sound Youth.